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A biomimetic approach to Climate Change

Reversing global warming using nature’s own CO₂ regulator

AirZyme is harnessing the power of the enzyme Carbonic Anhydrase (CA) which converts CO₂ into bicarbonate up to 1 million times per second to improve carbon capture and carbon removal technologies

Carbon Capture

Significantly enhances CO₂ absorption for point source capture by accelerating kinetics resulting in improved solvent properties and reduced energy requirements


CA’s kinetic properties address the constraint of low CO₂ concentration in ambient air, enhancing efficiency and reducing energy costs


Accelerates the mineralization process, transforming CO₂ into stable, solid minerals which can be used for secure, long-term carbon storage


Improves CO₂ dissolution in ocean applications and enhance the natural capacity of rocks to absorb CO₂, promoting effective large-scale CDR systems

Carbonic Anhydrase

Carbonic Anhydrase is a true multitasker, regulating CO₂ in almost every living organism. The enzyme catalyzes the reversible transformation of CO₂ molecules to bicarbonate and can react up to a million times per second. We’re harnessing its catalytic power to improve processes for carbon capture and carbon removal biomimetically.

Enzyme Design Platform

AI-First Design

By using AI to analyze enzyme-function relationships, we’re able to design candidates with a much higher success rate for capture/removal processes than traditional, human-guided methods. Our cutting-edge approach surpasses randomized searches, making it a powerful tool in the fight against climate change.

Protein Engineering

Innovative gene synthesis techniques create extensive variant libraries, focusing on enzyme development specifically for carbon capture/removal processes.

Rapide Enzyme Discovery

High-throughput screening systems, evaluating multiple enzyme properties simultaneously, generating large-scale, machine learning-quality data to accelerate enzyme discovery and development.



We’re a small team of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs developing sustainable carbon capture and carbon removal solutions for industrial use by using enzymes. At our core, we’re a technology company focusing on scalable innovations tackling climate change.

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